Second chakra, Sacral Chakra, Svadhishtahana, is located 5cm (2inch) below our navel. Colour orange is recognized as the color for that chakra, and this energy center is about our Vitality. Vitality in a sense of feeling our inner emotions, and transmitting this into the overall being of ourselves. This is a very powerful energy center that deals with our innermost emotional intelligence. It shows us who we really are in our feelings to ourselves, and connection with others. This is where our inner child is, this is where our authenticity lies. Being connected to this energy center and looking for balance, means being connected to our emotions. Each of us have a different feel, taste and smell to things that matter to us. This determines our authenticity. The more we are within our true feelings, the more we can transmit this truthfulness to the upper energy centers, and function in the most possible way to ourselves. 

So how does it happen that this energy center of our body doesn’t work the way it can?

  • Emotional abuse
  • Confusion of partner roles
  • Rigid religious and moral principles
  • Influence of parental systems on the child system
  • Rape
  • Transferred experiences from a past life

We should ask ourselves a few questions if we want to find balance in this powerful energy center:

  • Do I enjoy the physical aspect of life?
  • Do I feel that I deserve it?
  • Am I able to receive abundance in my life?
  • Do I feel there is a flow of creativity in my life with things that I engage with?
  • How do I perceive sexuality?
  • Am I able to obtain a deep and loving relationship with another person?
  • Do I know who my inner child is? Is it angry? Resentful? 
  • Am I scared or do I surrender? 

These are intimate and important questions to ask ourselves. Healing our inner child, and building our emotional intelligence is the journey to our true authenticity. It holds the power that can be transmitted to the beautiful creations, which will reflect into our physical body. If we feel guilty, if we can’t sense the feeling of pleasure in life and enjoy life, if we don’t feel sensual, if we can’t reach orgasm, and if we can’t look after ourselves we also can’t look after others. These are all things to consider and sense within ourselves if we want to heal.

If this energy center is unbalanced, it reflects on our physical body in our reproductive area, urinary tract, ovaries and cysts, candida, fungi, frigidity, asthma, allergies, depression, pain in lumbar area due to the suppressed depression, menstrual pain. 

If this energy center is overcrowded, we try to gain things by force (at some point I was called Mrs, one would have emotional outburst, tendency to be invasive to others, emotional luck of independence and unsustainability, attachment to others, sexual addiction, hedonism, exaggerated sexuality, claiming from others; basically all excessive = congested. 

If this chakra is closed then one feels compression in emotions, which results in lack of orgasm, and/or no desire, there are no emotional boundaries, pleasure is extinguished: there is frustration and aggression, and sexuality and vitality is suffocated.

I started the journey of healing in this energy center by journaling, and essential oils helped me greatly to fine tune with the emotions (wild orange, clary sage and bergamot), and gently change the frequency of this energy center. Gently is the key.. Focusing on being grateful for what is in front of me (there is always something that we can be grateful for!). Writing it down, and in that way feeling it deeper within me. Asking myself questions that I posted above (and many more). Taking one meditation at the time and journaling. It is still work in progress. But it is worthed. Everytime that I feel having less life energy force, and that I am not looking after myself (you know that feeling when you look at yourself in the mirror thinking oh fck..) I then tap into this work. It doesn’t have to be extensive work, consistency is the magic key. Half an hour a day is planty: 10min of movement with the focus on the hips and lower abdominal, 10min meditation and 10min journaling. That is all for this magic to start to unfold. My life then feels more balanced, with more positive expressions, I feel stronger, I feel and enjoy more in all aspects in my life, I feel more sensual and my private life is full of magic. Sense of guilt that I’d carry would be less intense, and I’d feel worthy of things that come my way. All this magic is then transmitted to others, in a sense of being able to share and receive, and it is felt as being authentic as it comes from my personal emotional connection and intelligence. 

It is amazing  what we can get from our bodies and minds. And it doesn’t take long to feel the change, and every change is another step to your true happiness. I feel that consistency and the right approach is the key. But any work is a start, and should be appraised and appreciated. 

I hope this finds you well.

Please, let me know your thoughts.


Kiki xo

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