Throat chakra: Expression

‘I speak my heartfelt truth with integrity and confidence.’

How many of us can honestly say that this statement is your true statement? We either don’t even understand this statement, because we are so wrapped up in our social norms, or we don’t know what heartfelt truth is, because we don’t feel our heart desires which are dimmed by fear. I was both, I was not feeling my heart. Actually, I don’t think I even knew what that concept meant because expressing my true self felt at the time as if it was exposing Me. My heart desires were hidden behind the fear of being rejected. Speaking out constantly, I sometimes felt it was what I needed, when actually I was hiding behind that constant need for expression. And in honesty, I still find myself in this vortex, but ‘the observer’ is now stronger so I come out to balance.

The throat chakra energy center is in our throat area, but also in our ears and nose. All of this is the area connected to throat chakra: our communication, expression, and also hearing and sensing. 

This energetic body will develop from the age of  3-12. It will be supported by the environment for exploration, creative play, allowance to speak up and not holding any secrets in the household, no screaming and supported balanced upbringing. When this chakra is balanced, one will have a desire to communicate their truth, searching for their true voice and clear expression of intention and attitude. Being able to hear others in their expression is also a sign of having this energy center balanced. You’re trustworthy because you trust yourself, you’re clear, authentic and free in your speech. 

This energy center will lose its balance with lies, and if lower energy chakra centers are unbalanced. It is crucial that you connect to your inner child as well as stability and grounding. It is important to do inner work with those lower chakras with meditation and yoga, and visualisation to establish good grounding which will enable then to rise and shine to your upper chakras. 

If you are a big talker and come as arrogant, then this is an indication that this energy center in your body is overactive, and calming and balancing is needed. You may be doubtful and dishonest and telling lies constantly.

Good news is, this can all be put into manageable balance with the right approach and correct tools. Body orientated psychotherapy I found to be very effective, and yoga, meditation, good quality essential oils, and sound healing. Sound healing can be as simple as singing and finding your voice or chanting. If you’re interested in working with your energetic body, please get in touch. Please have a look at my signature program: HERE


Kiki xo

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