Private Classes


These sessions are tailored directly to individual client’s needs, focusing on not only their physical but emotional, intellectual, energetic and spiritual bodies.

The class can be held in your own home or in my home in Balgriffin, Malahide Road, D13.

They are highly effective, providing clients with tools to work on themselves and allow changes to occur within.

Stress can be traced as the root for most illnesses. It’s an emotion which manifests itself in our physical body (for example on a low level with tightness in the shoulders, a headache, or on a deeper level stomach ulcers) and it can manifest itself in our energetic body as fatigue or exhaustion. Intellectually we can also beat ourselves up for what we may perceive as weakness, which in turn can boost stress to a greater level!

The chattering ‘monkey mind’ jumping here, there and everywhere is enough to drive anyone crazy, and can stop you from achieving many things in life. When we overcome these limitations of the mind, and the limitations of the fear YOU will have the power to take control your own destiny and the world will be yours for the taking, because the only one who was ever holding you back and stopping you was yourself!

Private classes allow deeper work addressing concerns with the individual, leading hopefully to a more connected and content level of being.

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.’ ~ Patanjali

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