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Our Team

Yoga was and  always will be something more than just a workout. It has always been a philosophy, a lifestyle for a healthy mind and body state. The main things that yoga will help you achieve are:

  Relaxation after work
  Much more peaceful state of mind
  Energized body
  Reenergized mind
 High flexibility

the team

what our clients say

My very first Yoga Teacher made such a deep impact and inprint on both my heart and soul. Always there to watch over me and encourage me. Kind and gentle, experienced and knowledgable, my dear, dear Yoga Teacher Kiki ❤🙏 forever grateful for opening the doors of Yoga Universe to me 🙏 Namaste ❤

Lea Cumbelic


A wonderful teacher: Clear, attentive and wise. We miss her here at Little bird – you are lucky to have her North of the City!

Eileen Fitzpatrick


Calm, pleasant atmosphere. Kiki really gives a lot of attention to each person individually, focuses on correct postures. Groups are small which helps. Workshops also help with getting the best out of classes. Would highly recommend!

Ania Richardson



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