The Magic of Teaching

Magic Wand

How can we go through this busy life with some help at that moment in time? I have been practicing yoga since 2004. And have been teaching since 2009. Traveled and went to many many workshops and meditation centers but I found it difficult to find something that can assist me with little crazy Kiki when that moment of craziness arrives. And not until I started to work with the Breath that I have found my unique ingredient. Pranayama is what I would practice regularly and that would keep my stability, but then I would get off the track or something out of ordinary would happen and I would be out of balance again. 

Rib cage breathing. 

Inhaling, your diaphragm contracts and moves downward. This increases the space in your chest cavity, and your lungs expand into it. The muscles between your ribs also help enlarge the chest cavity. Your heart gets more supply. Your whole body gets more breathing space. 

To start, bring your hands to your ribs and take longer breaths, both inhale and exhale being the same length. Make sure you do not go into totality of the full capacity as this will bring tensity. And if at any point you feel discomfort come back to your natural flow of the breath. Goal is not to have your shoulders moving while you breathe to your rib cage. 

This I found works as a magic wand to me. Now after some time of practice, I engage in this whenever I possibly can. Especially when my little daughter starts screaming, tantruming or needing Me and I feel crazy Kiki is crawling into me. It feels to me as if I am channelizing all that tension and bringing some new supply to myself and automatically to my daughter. I feel I am here in the moment of Now, and she feels that, and because my body is not taking in this unbearable tension but it is channelizing. Relaising. 

In the evening or when time allows, I lie on my back and bring my hand to my heart and my lower abdominal. To feel my heart. To channel these feel good energy to my core. Connecting my heart to my core of myself. 

Happy breathing and send me questions if anything arises, or if you want to just talk about it. 

I apply this everywhere. In the shop when a crazy lady is crazy to me, when I need something done and I do not feel it, when Tara needs me, when I feel the lower me is about to come out, when I drive…….It is that simple and free and available to you all the time. The trick between this and just breath, that I have heard so many times, is that I feel ribs expanding and that tunes me in. It gives me a deeper feeling. 

Sending you love 


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