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Heart Chakra: Universal LOVE

‘My heart is open, to give and to receive love!’

Can you honestly say with your inner feeling of yourself, and being truthful that this is who you are? I’d say that the majority of us are actually struggling, one way or the other. We either close our heart, cool is a new cool, right? Or we just give and give because kindness is a new cool or it just simply makes us feel good. But what about healthy boundaries and love for ourselves? When essentially we are not allowing ourselves to feel, we are not allowing ourselves to grow. Consequently we cannot give, truly warmly from the heart. And receiving is then almost impossible, because if we don’t have the experience with giving, how could we possibly be able to receive? 

Love is, I believe, one of The biggest, The strongest force that we can possess/obtain/gain. Being conscious of Love is the magic that is difficult to explain but it’s like a perfect day when everything is synchronised and it is working in a way that it unfolds within the vibration as a soft breeze. As a soft breeze within our desires and higher self willingness to enjoy the goodies that life can offer to our senses. Universal LOVE is when everything that our eyes see our hearts softens. LOVE is when our heart feels soft and is willing to receive and happily gives and shares. Love is when we can breath openly, freely and expandingly. Love is a true healer, for us and those around us. Love is what moves mountains because it is for our higher good and for others.   

This energy center in our chest area starts developing between the age of 4-7. It is formed by having the experience of love from our parents/guardians and being accepted. Physical issues connected with lack of love and acceptance may be, asthma, heart disease, and type of lung issues, or issues with your breast, upper back and shoulder problems. 

Spiritually it is the bridge between higher and lower chakras, it is the ability to love and receive love, unconditionally. It is green/pink colour with an element of air. It is connected to love, joy and inner peace. Our divine nature is to be loving, kind and compassionate. When you begin to grow spiritually you begin to be able to give unconditionally and receive in the same way. It contracts when there is pain and drama. If it’s closed, mostly likely sadness was not cleared out of the system. Compassion and acceptance is the sign your heart chakra is clear. Defensive and unforgiving is a sign your heart chakra is closed. Just to mention some. 

Working on this energetic area is very important, because it is the connector between your lower and upper chakras, it is the connecting force. If energy is not flowing freely, it may unbalance your whole energy system. It is the Air element, without air we would not be able to live. So practicing pranayama breathing helps greatly to open this energy center. You will feel more kind and joyful, compassionate, and forgiving to Yourself and subsequently to others.  You will feel lighter, more flexible and you will let all that weights that push you down 

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