For a long time I had an idea of being perfectly grounded. Even though I was falling (losing my ground frequently), being scared of life (even though I traveled the world and changed careers), socializing, teaching yoga, holding presentations in big corporations (but sweating as a pig for unknown reasons = insecurity), and so on. When I was introduced to yoga and its philosophy, I got closer to the idea why things are not working for me. Even though I was walking barefoot  as much as I could I somehow did not get that sense of feeling grounded afterwards, my head and my senses were in different spaces above.

I always wanted to get to the meaning of grounding. Feeling it. Not until recently that I started to feel it deeply in my core what it feels like. Feeling is the key. Understanding is just a small fraction of the complete dimension. Feeling that I am safe and that everything will be ok. Believing that I am safe and capable of changing my circumstances. Understanding that heaviness and laziness is my energy point being congested. Feeling: I am Safe, I am Secure, I Trust, I Believe. Those are big words, it’s a journey to the feel of those words, and the physical journey of self discovery and healing. At least mine was, and still is. 

Have you ever seen the tree with big, massive roots coming out of the ground, because of the vastness and thickness? This is the vision of yourself that you want to embody: Roots coming down to the earth, spreading deep into the ground. Enabling you to be firm, stable and safe in your ground, and branches spreading upwards high and wide, open to receive, protect and connect. 

Neurobiology also recognizes now the energy centers in our body. Grounding as Muladhara-first chakra: it develops early at the stage of being conceived at birth, and socialization shapes it further. Important factors are socialization, family, sense for existence, security, and physical identity, just to mention some.

If this energy center, which is located at the bottom of the spine, is complete (which is very rare), then one would feel: sense of security, confidence in the world, in yourself, presence, grounded, stable, vital. 

  • Injuries that cause this imbalance: negative experiences, feelings of fear, physical abuse, wars, illnesses, traffic accidents, death. If you believe in past life, which at this point has been talked about and recognised by loads of people, problems related to past life and inheritance of trauma from ancestors (etheric body) is another reason for feeling ungrounded. 
  • Person with congested hyperactive chakra would experience: stagnant heavy energy, immobility, wants to sit most of the time, bored, lack of vitality, insecure, fixed on material things, urge to accumulate, overeats, lethargy, laziness, rigid boundaries, order of the routine gives security. If this energy center is overcrowded and draws too much energy from above and below: the chakra is compressed, scattered scattered.
  • If chakra is closed: one is most likely gracefully thin, unconnected to the body, insecure, scattered, experiences a feeling of not belonging, has problems with calcium in the body, carry huge fear, constantly has financial problems: ‘I have to create a lot of money’’; the idea to remain poor = death: total fear and system breakdown. One sees security in money. Restlessness while sitting, no clear view, spinning constantly, trying to make himself invisible. It lacks self-discipline and body care
  • On the health aspect, it reflects on cortisol and the adrenal gland: the hormone of fear, thinness, susceptibility to disease, insomnia, high blood pressure, sympathetic activation. Fear starts to be a source of security: if one is afraid it feels secured; yes, pretty contradictory and double knife edge. 

So what can we do? Discharge: shake, dance, yoga, meditation: with the right approach! Walk bare feet but mindfully i.e. feel your toes, every single one of them, explore the feeling of the senses i.e. if it’s a grass: is it wet, is it soft, is it firm = be mindful of your feet wherever and whatever you do. Food: root vegetables, juiced, raw, cooked. Visualisation: as mentioned above, or chakra meditation: basically bringing the awareness to the bottom of the spine: there Is an energy center (at this point they tested it and measured it, there Is science behind it!), and if you really focus on it it is almost impossible not to feel it. Essential oils, good quality one: it changes the frequency of your energy levels (there is measurable science behind it!), and with the right oil and right application we can balance/heighten that energy center. 

I hope you enjoyed this read!

Let me know how you feel!




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