Crystals are nature’s secret energizers. These colourful stones are found in nature worldwide and they are tiny powerhouses that amplify the energy that you work with. Ancient Mayans believed in crystals’ ability to heal, protect and energise the body and mind, and to awaken inner spiritual wisdom. There are over 100 different crystals for healing, personal empowerment, protection and abundance. There are many courses and books, I just want to give you my personal experience and maybe it could interest you to hold one yourself. 

I was introduced to crystals in Thailand in 2008. It was the chakra crystal clearing that really felt like a touch of energy to the inside out. My chosen crystal was hematite, good for grounding. God I needed grounding so badly back then. I wore it all the time, almost attached to it, for years it was around my neck. Then years later, I was introduced deeply to precious stones by my dear friend Suzana. Firstly I was mesmerised by their beauty, each is uniquely different and beautiful. Just looking at them makes me feel happy somehow. This special friend of mine has been exploring them for years, so luckily I had a good lead on quality vs price and accessibility, and soon enough I was hooked. At first it was a game of little beauty stones, then it became a learning curve of why/how/when to use them. Soon enough I had a little collection. Nowadays, I love playing with them with my daughter with crystals. Each crystal has a vibe that cleans our vibe, that in some way or the other affects our beings. It is a wonderful game of colours, names, vibrations, and shapes. 

I remember purchasing a Sunstone crystal, and feeling attracted to it. It’s like that electronic attraction kind of a feel, you just can’t get enough. Everytime I meditate with this stone I’d come out feeling lighter and brighter. It holds the properties of positivity and light, and I’d always feel as if protected in rays of light. Galaxy stone was my favorite formeditation for months. I would feel as if the whole galaxy of small particles are clearing and cleaning my aura. Wonderfully rejuvenating for my outer body energy field. Amethyst before sleep is like a little magic pill for my energy body, it gently puts my vibe on pause, and connects to my higher self that says ‘now hush little one’, it’s time for sleep’. Ruby in Kyanite I read was my stone, and OMG having it in my pocket I feel being connected to my higher vibe and my heart. Amazonite feels like an amazing heart throat connection, I feel my heart as I speak. Lapis Lazuli drowns out my stress and anxiety, and my nervous system feels more quiet. And while working on my heart chakra in aim for some deeper work, Malachite taught me the strength of stronger stones, so I changed it for a gentle Rose Quartz crystal which was like a soothing balm for an open wound. And lately, I was lucky enough to get the experience of a deeper and more concentrated carat with Ruby stone: after only 3 days of wearing it courage and determination is channeled into positive actions.

And I could go on and on. It is most definitely a beautiful enhancement in my meditation and simple workings with particular intention. And every time I am taken away by the energetic power of this precious nature’s empowerment for the mind, body and the spirit. The more I meditate with precious stones, the more I feel being attuned to myself and I pick a perfect stone that my energy body needs.

Isn’t it fabulous that you can take a beautiful precious stone into your hands and within a few days you can get affected by its energy. I like the way Teal Swan gives her opinion on how crystals work: ‘The governing law of every dimension within the universe is that of “oneness”. In physical life, we have come to call this the “Law of Attraction”. Simply put, only frequencies that are a vibrational match can co-exist. Therefore, in order to share the same space with another “form”, you must be vibrating at the same level as it is vibrating. Health is the natural state of any form within the universe. Therefore, the natural inclination and tendency of anything within the universe is that of balance, cohesiveness and ease. This means that the natural progression of vibration is to entrain and resonate in the direction of health. Because of this, when you share the space with a crystal (or gemstone) that has a resistance free vibration, instead of the vibration of the crystal adopting a non cohesive pattern, your energy will entrain with the energy of the crystal and adopt it’s cohesive pattern.

This entertainment causes you to no longer create the pattern of dis-ease within your energetic substructures and therefore, the physical manifestation of that dis-eased energy is no longer being maintained and the physical symptom disappears. Because of this entrainment effect, crystals and gemstones are incredibly adept at bringing us back into a vibrational state of health and harmony.’

Powerful, right? But I feel that one should either already be working on heightening awareness, or it should be led by someone who knows how to work with crystals. This is because crystals require certain cleanse and some have quite strong energy, and we should be gentle with ourselves. Right knowledge and right application is always the key to success.