Golden Milk

Ok, I’ve been using this once again regularly now and it Really does work! It’s super easy to make, it’s tasty, it’s cheap and it’s a natural remedy for those sneeze down feeling games! Few important trick must be applied to get the full benefits. 

Coconut oil is added for absorption, black pepper to activate turmeric but adding honey only on cooled milk as it can be poisoned otherwise. This all smart talk is from Ayurveda principals. 

Why do you want to use this?

  • Supports digestion
  • Anti Inflammatory 
  • Strengthens immune function
  • Helps in maintaining cholesterol levels
  • Digestive tract
  • Regulates high blood pressure
  • Memory and brain function 
  • Triglyceride reduction
  • Neurological disorders
  • Detoxifies liver, and even possibly offers protection from some types of cancer
  • maximizes the natural antioxidant power of turmeric because it is a) hot and b) combined with other beneficial spices and a little bit of fat.

How to make it:

Paste (you make this once and you can keep it in the fridge for months)

  • ¼ cup turmeric
  • ½ teaspoon pepper 
  • ½ cup filtered water 

Bring it to boil on high heat and mix constantly until paste is formed 

  • Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Keep it refrigerated in a glass jar. It can be stored for months. 

Golden Milk (1 dcl max.) for one serving 

  • 1 cup of milk of your choice (coconut or cashew is my favorite; its sweet taste gives a nice flavour)

Heat up the milk the add

  • 1 teaspoon of Paste 
  • + optional: ginger and cayenne pepper and cinnamon ~ this will aid digestion and produce heat in the body.

Let it cool down then add teaspoon of honey (do NOT put honey in hot milk) or you can add some other sweetener of your choice maple or agave syrup 

Turmeric can have contraindications with certain medicines so make sure you contact your doctor if you’re on some long term medication. 

The probiotic in Kombucha can help with a healthy gut. It is a fermented tea that has been drank for thousands of years but became popular in the last few. Fermented foods like kombucha can assist with the digestive system and boost your immune function. 

I am writing this blog because few of my friends asked me how to make it, and this will be easier to pass on. 

I absolutely love kombucha! As my daughter says, njamy njamy. It is slightly bubbly with a savory taste and you can add the flavour with your favorite fruits. Kids should not drink more than 1-2 dcl a day, I would say over 2 years of age. And adults not more than 3 dcl a day. However, I can say that I drink at least 4 dcl a day and all is peachy. I love the taste and I feel it really gives me that tiny bit of euphoria. That being said, this would not happen to one whose body is consuming much alcohol, coffee and other alternatives for the highs. 

I used to buy them but now making my own tastes and feels even better. And the ritual of making it makes me proud and super happy. I found with white tea to have a gentle easy taste. Kombucha with sacha green tea has a stronger taste but in a nice gentle way. My favourite fruit to put in are berries.

The secret process given by my dear teacher.

  • 1 teaspoon of white tea or sacha green tea.
  • 2 tablespoon of white sugar.
  • Poor 2 litres of boiled water over that.
  • Place it into a glass container and leave it overnight. Do not put scoby into this.
  • In the morning, drain the tea and put scoby in. Cover it with cloth so it has some breathing space and leave it for 10 days at room temperature.

After 10 days, in a glass bottle (I got mine in IKEA for €2.95), put a few bits of your favourite fruits and put in the liquid. Drain it, do not put scoby into the bottle, but start your 2nd batch. 

Leave it for 10 days at room temperature. And viola! Open gently because it comes out as a bubbly champagne.

After some time, scoby will grow, and so will your batch and stronger taste of kombucha. The longer you leave it the fuller the taste. I cannot wait for mine to grow to make many more.

Happy gut happy You xo