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Magic Wand

How can we go through this busy life with some help at moment in time? I have been practicing yoga since 2004. And have been teaching yoga since 2009. I traveled and went to many many workshops and meditation centers but I found it difficult to find something that can assist me with little crazy […]

Self Love in Motherhood

Self Love = Self Care That’s the start. But how do we start and from where? Especially when we have a child and our time is super consumed in general. We need to be present. We need to be well. We need to also be human and show whatever is within us so that our […]


The probiotic in Kombucha can help with a healthy gut. It is a fermented tea that has been drank for thousands of years but became popular in the last few. Fermented foods like kombucha can assist with the digestive system and boost your immune function.  I am writing this blog because few of my friends […]

Golden Milk

Ok, I’ve been using this once again regularly now and it Really does work! It’s super easy to make, it’s tasty, it’s cheap and it’s a natural remedy for those sneeze down feeling games! Few important tricks must be applied to get the full benefits. Coconut oil is added for absorption, black pepper to activate […]

The Magic of teaching

Why do I like to teach yoga? Your body and mind meet in the concentration of doing a yoga pose; you experience clarity, focusing your attention, muscles, bones, and breath towards experiencing the particular pose. Again and again, as you approach each pose, this capability to meet each sensation with awareness increases. This experience of […]

Yoga and Sleep

Some say that yoga can help to improve sleep, and depression and anxiety share a deep and difficult connection. For me, with yoga I boost relaxation and I beat insomnia by soothing my mind and body before bedtime. If you can’t seem to sleep enough, yoga can help. Regular yoga practice is known to cure […]