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7th chakra, Crown, Sahasrara

‘I am connected with my Higher Power, and I am open to receive guidance from my Higher Wisdom’. This affirmation is something I can relate to. It took me some deeper work on my chakras and healing my inner child, but I am very happy that I have arrived. I believe that we all need to and we are connected to something. Some call it God, some call that God different names, some call it universe, some energy and so on. But at the end I feel it is all one. And oneness is something I wish we all can feel in our hearts.

Crown chakra, our 7th energy center located at the top of our head, is the energy center that relates to this belief. It is the energy center that has a relationship with our emotions that are connected to the fear of dying, feeling superior to others, unable to live in the moment, disconnected to God (Spirit, Universe…..), being too strict about religion or spirituality, making choices from Ego, being overly sceptical about things, still searching directions and answers in life…..

This energy center starts developing in the adolescent time of life. In order to open this energy center, one needs to spend a considerable amount of time in meditation without guidance, but just simply sitting still. From my personal experience, this could be very challenging at times, and to start may be best with some guidance, with simple awareness of the top of the head, and relaxation is needed to let go of conditioning. Being with people that are open to that awareness helps to expand, and start opening as well. Looking for the sense in things, and grasping into the feeling of oneness is the start for activating also. 

Devastating for this program are the illusions and losing the reality. For example, if you like to dream without the firm grounding (that is why it is Crucial to work on lower chakras!) you may find yourself lightheaded and illusional, and even too strict about religion and spirituality. Wrong interpretation and attachment to that energy center will block this energy center.

Seeing life through the spiritual lens, I love this expression. When this energy center is balanced, you just simply enjoy life as it is. 

If you’re interested in working on chakra energy system, please send me an email: kikigyoga@gmail.com 

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