6th chakra, Third Eye: Intuition & Higher Wisdom

6th chakra, Third Eye: Intuition & Higher Wisdom

‘I trust and cherish my inner wisdom’, I love this affirmation. And I love the feeling when it feels right, when it feels me, when it feels complete, when it feels like synchronicity, when I feel connected to my higher self. Things then are not easy but playful, manageable and with purpose. 

Third eye chakra is situated at the forehead between eyebrows. It assists us with our inner wisdom and inner guidance. It is the energy center that is connected to our instincts about people, places and situations. It is our center of knowing, of our intuitive abilities. That feeling when we have aha moment, and it feels good throughout the body. It is the energy center that allows and creates imaginative and creative projects and vibes, and to be clear about it.. It is the energy center that gives a feel of being awake, and connected to a higher knowledge (God, Universe….whichever way you feel it). When there is imbalance, we feel stuck, confused and unaware. We feel easily distracted, and decisions that were made makes that bad stomach kind of a feel.

I feel that there is a very thin line between having your third eye open, and being in the clouds. A lot of spiritual practices are taking our minds into infinite possibilities. But without keeping our feet on the ground, without working on our lower chakras, this results in over intellectualising, and subsequently losing the ability to be connected to our own unique inner wisdom. It is the seat of our intuition. 

This energy center has been developing from childhood to adulthood. Its development is supported by creative play and of course working on ourselves by practicing yoga and meditation. This energy center will guide our visualisation and the capacity to make this visualisation reality. Who am I and why am I here, what is my purpose, this is what is asked through this energy center. Destroying this energy center is by over-spirituality, it is when we lose our grounding and look for the solution in fantasies and dreams that have no grounds in reality. 

I personally found yoga, essential oils and crystals to help me greatly find balance in this work. It does not take much work and time to tap into the endless possibilities and connection to our higher selves, and making dreams with reality check so that they Do come true. Get in touch if you are interested to work with me: kikigyoga@gmail.com 



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